St. John of the Cross Catholic School

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8175 Lemon Grove Way, Lemon Grove, California 91945


St. .John of the Cross Catholic School offers an educational program characterized by a mixture of tradition and innovation; of discipline and freedom; of concern for the things of our intellect as well as our spirituality. The school shares with parents, the students’ primary educators, the mandate for students to develop to their full potential within a Catholic Christian community.

St. John of the Cross Catholic School strives to lead students to positive learning experiences through a success-oriented, person-centered, and supportive approach, in order to prepare students for life as members of family, church, civic, economic, and global communities. As citizens and leaders, students are taught that individuals can influence social institutions to embrace the principles of the Gospel.

St. John of the Cross Catholic School’s mission is to guide students to live life in abundance in all areas- physical, intellectual, moral, social, and spiritual. Our concern centers primarily on students, but extends as well to families, the parish, and the larger community. We view education as a life-long process where students are engaged in the complexities of responsibility, commitment, and growth, in an environment, which can freely celebrate our belief system.

St. John of the Cross Catholic School’s philosophy is rooted in form principles and finds its expression on purposeful action. Giving nourishment to both of these is a belief in God, the teachings of the Catholic Church, in the value of the human person, and in commitment through service. The school strives continually to improve the quality and effectiveness of the educational program within the community called Church.

8175 LEMON GROVE WAY, LEMON GROVE, CALIFORNIA 91945 Phone: (619) 466-8624