St. John of the Cross Catholic School

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8175 Lemon Grove Way, Lemon Grove, California 91945


St. John of the Cross Catholic School is committed to providing each student with a strong foundation in all basic academic skills. Religious education is experienced throughout the school day. The curriculum is aligned with Diocesan Curriculum Course Content Guidelines, California State Standards, and the California Common Core State Standards.

Mathematics - (K-8th)

Literature/Language Arts - (1-8th)

Social Studies (4-8th)     

Science (1-8th)

Music Appreciation (Pre-k to 8th)

Art (K-8th)

Drama - (6-8)

Dance - (6-8)

Physical Education (Pre-k to 8th)

Computer/Technology (Pre-k to 8th)

Religion (Pre-k to 8th)

Health and Family Education (5-8th)

8175 LEMON GROVE WAY, LEMON GROVE, CALIFORNIA 91945 Phone: (619) 466-8624