St. John of the Cross Catholic School

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8175 Lemon Grove Way, Lemon Grove, California 91945

Second Grade

**Please do not label  with child’s name unless told to do so on the list**

1 small backpack with wheels  label

1 roll of clear contact paper (leave at home)

1 box of Scotch Thermal Laminating pouches  Variety Pack (available at Target)

4 boxes Crayola crayons (16 count)  

4 pink erasers

2 box of Ticonderoga # 2 pencils

1 box of Crayola fine markers( 10 count)  primary colors

1 box of Crayola broad markers ( 10 count)  primary colors

2 reams of white copy paper     label

1 ream of colored copy paper   label

1 small booklight   label

1 small rectangular pillow  label

1 set of earphones for the computer lab   label  You can use last years.   

10 glue sticks

3 mead primary composition books  K-2 ( available on ISBN # 4310009823

1 black three ring pencil pouch for the binder( available at Staples or on

1 navy blue 1 1/2 clearview binder  (Make sure it has the clear color sleeve in front of the binder.

1 box of large (gallon size)ziploc bags

1 box of ziploc sandwich bags

1 package of 3 by 3 Post-it notes  any color

1 hole puncher

1 large pencil box   



$30.00 for Scholastic News, Science Spin, Spelling City, Little Passports,

$30.00 Art Fee

If you need to contact me during the summer my email is

Have a great summer!

Mrs. Escobar


The following items must be purchase at Lakeshore Learning. Use the item numbers when asking for a particular item.


Address: 7510 Hazard Center Drive San Diego, CA 92108

Phone: (619) 297-8494

1 Double sided whiteboard

Item Number:  JJ386  Price: $5.99  

My Word Journal

Item Number:  RR673 Price: $3.29