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Student Learning Expectations

1. Active Catholic Christians who are:

  • Showing respect for self, others, God, Church, authority, property.
  • Demonstrating basic knowledge of the foundations of faith and church teachings.
  • Developing a moral conscience, modeling appropriate behavior for others.
  • Demonstrating a spirit of service in Church, family, school, and community.
  • Practicing compassion, tolerance, justice, and respect for the dignity of life.

2. Diligent Life-long Learners who are: 

  • Using study skills effectively.
  • Utilizing their unique gifts and talents, and appreciating those of others.
  • Developing a solid foundation in basic subjects enabling the student to communicate effectively, think critically, and solve problems independently.
  • Demonstrating responsibility and accomplishing goals.

3. Effective Communicators who are: 

  • Developing a solid sense of self-esteem and self-discipline that is reflected in social behavior.
  • Able to work cooperatively demonstrating tolerance and respect.
  • Listening critically and compassionately.

4. Self-Evaluators who are: 

  • Appreciating achievement and striving to attain high standards.
  • Assessing their own strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Taking responsibility for their actions.

5. Responsible Citizens who are:

  • Understanding of basic civic responsibilities.
  • Cognizant of current events/world affairs and their effect on life.
  • Understanding, appreciative and respectful of the cultural diversity of society.
  • Aware of good health habits and hygiene.
  • Able to resolve conflict peacefully and takes responsibility for own actions.

6. Problem solvers who are:

  • Working independently and collaboratively to create solutions.
  • Resolving conflicts peacefully.
  • Thinking critically.
  • Appreciating different points of view and perspectives.